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Welcome to Portugal

We are a small local producer from Portugal that produces high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil in limited quantities already for generations.

Each of our bottles is unique and has it's own story which we pass to our customers. When you receive a bottle of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you don’t receive only Olive Oil, you receive a small piece of Portugal.

One of our main values is to not harm the nature around us. That’s why we are proud to say that we keep all production processes as environment friendly as possible, including carefully choosing the material for our labeling.

Redefine Your Cuisine

Extra Virgin Olive has an unequaled body of research supporting its role as a protective, beneficial food in a healthy diet. It is extremely versatile and can be used cold in dressings and for drizzling, as well as in almost all cooking applications. It is not only safe but also beneficial to our health, all this while  delivering an exceptional flavour!


So do as the Mediterranean countries have traditionally done for hundreds of years and enjoy cooking with your Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Surprised Your Family & Friends

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a prefect gift for someone who appreciates homemade, biological, eco friendly products, someone who loves to try different things or someone who simply likes Portugal :)

Send to your family and friends a message from Portugal with a personalised card inside the packing and surprised them with our Portuguese Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

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